Wedding Colors 2011

Wedding colors are typically one of the first things that couples focus on nailing down during the wedding planning process.  A couple’s color palette usually serves as the inspiration for most of the big day details.  But with 2010 nearing a close, we can’t help but look forward to 2011 and some of its gorgeous color inspirations.  Here are three of our favorites!

Coffee: Brown tones have been popular in the past few seasons, but typically, brides have paired them with lighter tones, such as Tiffany blue, mint green, and carnation pink.  However, in 2011 brown is hottest when paired with rich, deep tones of purple, emerald green, and mustard.  These color combinations exude a vibe of luxury that seems almost effortless.  Chocolate colored linens provide a beautiful backdrop, but we also love some of the more unexpected touches of the color, using dark brown branches in floral arrangements and coffee beans for a sweet smelling statement and cost effective filler.  And for a punch of fun, we love the incorporation of hints of leopard print!

Gold: To keep dark tones from looking too heavy, the incorporation of a metallic is essential.  Though many brides opt for touches of silver using crystals and pearls, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of glittering gold.  This metallic can be a center point for an opulent affair, or an accent for a sheen that is understated and effortless.  We love gold with anything thing that holds a flame, as it naturally accents the flicker of an almost ordinary candle.  Votive holders, candelabras, and vases are great metallic accents that can translate well into almost any color scheme.

Mauve: Pink is no stranger to weddings, but this bridal favorite is getting a revamp.  Carnation pink and fuchsia are finding a new sister in the color game with the incorporation of this elegant, but unexpected color.  Mauve is perfect for the couple that wants classic with a twist.  It is also a great color for anyone who wants a wedding with a vintage feel.  Paired with brooches, baby’s breath, and glistening metallics, this color is sure to sing at any wedding.  One important planning tip, though.  The word “mauve” means different things to different people, so we suggest finding a swatch of mauve that you love and cutting squares for each of your wedding vendors.  This way your florist, dress designer, and caterer all known exactly what shade of pink you’re shooting for!

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