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Wedding Photography: The Options Are Endless

When it comes to wedding photography, the options are endless. Professional? Posed? Candid? Digital? Film? Black and white? Color? Regardless of what you decide, we encourage you to make sure you have some photographs to remember your special day. The day really does pass in a blur and photos are sometimes the only way you’ll remember or know everything that went on during your wedding and reception. As you try to make the tough decision about wedding photography, here are some things to consider:

  • Professional vs. Amateur: Hiring a professional wedding photographer can be a costly addition to your nuptials, but it’s the only way to ensure that you’ll receive photographs that are, well, professional. Wedding photography can be a tricky business when you’re dealing with unexpected weather, large groups of people, and several noteworthy events, so it’s sometimes safest to leave it to the pros. If cost is an issue, hiring an amateur or less-experienced photographer is definitely an option. Just make sure you view samples of their work before trusting them to capture the single most important day of your life!
  • Posed vs. Candid: As far as this battle is concerned, we’re convinced it’s an even draw. You will most certainly want posed photographs of you and your spouse, your families, and your wedding party to frame or include in your wedding album, but candid shots of the day’s events can be a more honest glimpse into the wedding and reception. When you’re interviewing potential photographers, ask to see samples of both their posed and candid shots. Find a photographer whose personal taste, style, and viewpoint are in alignment with yours. Remember that posed shots don’t always have to be formal and boring; find a photographer that captures everything about your wedding in a way that reflects your personality. As an added touch, you can also consider placing disposable cameras on reception tables to allow guests to capture candid shots you may have otherwise missed.
  • Color vs. Black & White: Breathe easy on this issue since technology makes it a no-brainer. In the past, when photographers only shot with film, color or black & white had to be chosen beforehand. These days, with the power of PhotoShop, you can turn your color photographs into black & white prints in under a minute. If you’re purchasing prints through your photographer, you’ll have to let him know which images you’d like to see in black & white but most wedding photographers will already have options for you.
  • Digital vs. Film: Say what you will, but there is a difference between photos taken on a digital camera and pics that rely on old-fashioned film. There is a certain, distinct quality about photographs captured on film that might encompass what you want on your wedding day. However, the benefits of digital photography seem to far outweigh the film option. Your photographer can take an unlimited number of photos without having to switch anything out, all of your “negatives” can be stored on your computer, retouches and alterations are much easier, and you and/or your photographer can view the photos seconds after they’re taken to make sure everything looks good.
  • Alternative Ideas: We’ve established that photos are an important part of your wedding day, but why not spice things up a bit? Create a fun and interesting photo shoot for wedding guests and attendants during your reception. Put up a backdrop and provide funny and quirky props like hats, fake mustaches, feather boas, and sunglasses and allow your guests to pose for silly photos taken by Polaroid cameras, your photographer, or another guest. Allow guests to write messages in an album and use the photos as a creative wedding guestbook or memento. Another unique option for pics is an old-fashioned photo booth. For a minimal cost, you can rent one out for the day, set it up at your wedding or reception, and allow guests to pose away. Ask them to adhere the photo strip into a scrapbook or album or write messages on the back for the bride and groom.

Recommended photographers are below:

R.E.M. Video & Photography / EB Creative / Life on Prints / Timothy Whaley & Associates

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