Wedding Programs – A Creative Take

Wedding programs have been a part of the wedding day tradition for years.  They give the guests the basic who, what, when and where of the wedding day festivities.  Though couples often spend a great deal of time and money creating the perfect program, we find that all too often, guests grab a program, give a glance, and then tuck it into their purse or jacket pocket, never to look at it again.  Lately, we are loving the idea of programs with a purpose: give guests the basic wedding day details, plus some fun extras to help pass the time between when they arrive and when the bride makes her grand entrance.  To make your program fun, festive, and functional, check out the three ideas below.   (We’ve even included examples for each!)

Give your guests some extra info. Consider this a fun fact guide to the special couple.  Use the backside of the program to include trivia type information about the couple, including where they met, special places they’ve traveled and post wedding plans.

Jordan and Ricky met in their college tennis class.  Ricky took the class to improve his tennis skills, while Jordan took it to work on her tan!

The couple is honeymooning in Jamacia.

The couple has traveled to 9 different countries together.

The couple’s song is “Collide” by Howie Day.

Say something about each other. This option is a great way to give guests a peek into the couple’s feelings about each other, as well as their silly sides.  Ask a variety of questions to the couple, and note each of the partner’s responses to the same question.  You’ll get a combination of laughs, smiles, and heart warming answers.

Describe your partner in one word.

Matt: Encouraging.

Allison: Fun!

What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

Matt: Her smile.

Allison: His laugh.

What is your partner’s worst habit?

Matt: She is always running late.

Allison: He’s cranky without his morning coffee.

What are you most looking forward to about married life?

Matt: Sharing a life with my best friend.

Allison: Experiencing all that life has to offer as a team.

Let guests hear from friends and family. This program option is a great way to get your family and wedding party involved in the wedding in another special way.  Ask friends and family a question or two about what makes the couple tick.

Why do you think Kristin and Nathan are such a great couple?

Marla (brides mom): They balance each other perfectly.

Josh (best man): She understands his loves for football and even puts up with his ratty old jersey that he swears is good luck!

Kendall (sister of the bride): They both take time to enjoy the little things.

Barry (pastor): They have their priorities set and make time for what is important.

Here is a little info about save the date cards.

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