Wedding Registry Basics

One of the most exciting and enjoyable tasks in the months leading up to the wedding is registering for gifts! Walking through aisles upon aisles of shiny new kitchen appliances, luxury bedding, and beautiful home décor is enough to make any girl want to say, “I do.” Although registering is a blast, it can also be a stressor so here are a few tips to help you prepare for a smooth day of gift selection…

Select Stores: The first step of registering is figuring out which stores you want to choose gifts from. It’s common for brides and grooms to register at 2-3 retail stores for items. Be sure to pick stores that will be easily accessible for wedding guests. If you have a lot of out-of-town invitees, make sure to pick a store that is located in their city or state. Online registries are great for most guests, but certain individuals might prefer to be able to visit a store and examine a potential gift in person.

Preview Items: Once you’ve narrowed down your stores, spend an afternoon or evening simply walking through them and getting an idea of what they carry and what you like. This way you can start thinking about what items you might want to register for ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Compare Prices: Chances are that certain items on your registry will be sold at all of the stores you choose so do your research ahead of time to figure out where you’ll register for which items. Maybe the price on kitchen appliances is considerably better at one shop, while you prefer the bedding at another. Go online to compare brands and prices so you aren’t doubling up on any items.

Schedule an Appointment: Most department and home stores will allow you to schedule an appointment to create your registry. Eliminate stress and guarantee a spot by calling ahead and setting up a meeting. Typically, an employee will explain the process to you and accompany you around the store to offer assistance on choosing items to add to your registry. Plus, as an added bonus, certain stores may offer after-hours registry appointments, complete with cocktails and appetizers, to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your fiancé.

Update, update, update: Don’t be afraid to add or remove items from your registry in the months leading up to the wedding. Suppose a pal buys you an amazing off-registry blender that you love even more than the one you chose. Be sure to go online or contact the store to have the original blender removed to save you the hassle of having to return it later. Or, imagine that the items on your registry become sparse after all the incredible showers thrown in your honor. Be sure to add more items for guests to choose from before the wedding.

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