Wedding Registry Made Easy

4 Tips To Make Your Wedding Registry Easy

So you found the man/woman of your dreams. You’ve got the ring, the date set, the venues picked, your vendors in line… now it’s just a matter of getting the minor details ironed out to make your special day truly perfect and unique.

One aspect of wedding planning that can be a surprising source of tension between couples is the wedding registry. After all, you are picking out the things you will have for your first several years of your marriage, possibly longer. Sounds simple enough, until you get in the stores and realize there are hundreds of options from which to choose. Agreeing on these things can be difficult. So here’s a few tips on how to keep something that should be fun… actually fun.

1)      Discuss Your Styles

May sound silly, but even totally compatible people can really disagree on something as simple as silverware styles. A lot of brides think their grooms won’t care about home items, but you’d be surprised how many grooms really get into the process once they are in the store selecting. It’s best to be prepared by sitting down and discussing what each of you likes while making compromises. Make lists of what things are most important to each of you, and try to reach a conclusion based on what each person values the most.

2)      Pick a Range of Prices

I’m of the opinion it’s always better to register for more than less. When I got married, I literally put everything I could think of on there, regardless of price… because… you never know, right? But try to be considerate of your guests as well. Don’t pick things you don’t like. But try to pick some gifts that are cheaper that way those who are not as financially established or are already paying a lot to even make it to the wedding, don’t have to spend an extra $75 just to get you that knife set you want. There are dozens of affordable things that you will need for your home, just make sure to include them. Use the store’s online registry to review the items you’ve added. You can group them into pricing categories such as $0 – $20, $21-$50, $51 – $75, etc. This will help you to make sure you have a good amount of gifts registered under each price category.

3)      Do Your Research

Do a little planning before you pick the stores at which you will register. It helps to pick a variety of stores for your various needs. Large department stores will typically offer the nicer goods, but at higher prices. A store such as Target will offer a wide range of more affordably priced things that are actually quite good quality.

Furthermore, every store offers different benefits to their wedding registries. Certain stores will allow you to continue to get discounted prices on the items on your registry for a year or two after your marriage. Knowing details like this may help you push one store in front of the other.

4)      Make A List

Assuming you are young, your wedding registry should be 75% things you need and 25% things you want. If you already have most of life’s necessities, obviously these figures are flexible. If you are just starting out in life, make sure you include all the essential things you will need as a young married couple. Sure, having a 60-inch HDTV would be nice, but isn’t it more important that you have all of your pots and pans? Obviously the price discrepancies aren’t that great, but you get the idea. You can find several wedding registry checklists on sites such as to help guide you in your selection process.

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