Wedding Self-Portrait Station – 5 Things You Must Have

Move over photo booths; the hottest wedding trend right now is self-portrait stations. The idea is similar to the photo booth trend; you encourage guests to take goofy photos so you can look at them and laugh after the wedding, but the great thing about self-portrait stations is the creativity. There are no “walls,” so guests can gather up large groups and strike funny poses. Plus, you can create different backdrops for your guests to use. Here are five items to have at your wedding self-portrait station.

Silly Hats

Goofy Glasses

Chalk and Chalkboards

Handheld Masks

A Custom Backdrop

If you are interested in creating a self-portrait station at your wedding, you can simply set up an area in the reception room with fun props, a cute backdrop, and a camera (or a few disposable cameras). If you want to save yourself some work, you can look for local vendors that offer self-portrait stations. Many provide all of the materials and print the pictures for you.

Now, say cheese!



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