Wedding Stationery

Your wedding invitation is the first impression of your wedding. It sets the tone and style. Similarly, all of your wedding stationery should complement your wedding day style. This includes the programs, seating cards, and thank you cards. Along with photos and favors, wedding stationery is an item that you and your guests can save to remember the day. So where to do find this important wedding element? Luckily, you have several choices.


Wedding stationery is a common DIY project. Thanks to computers and printers, creating quality stationery at home is simple. Craft stores such as Michaels sell DIY kits that include all the materials and directions. These kits can also be found at superstores such as Target. This option tends to be inexpensive, but your options will be limited to the store’s inventory. Also, you need to consider the time and difficulty of creating your own stationery. If you are extremely crafty, you can create stationery without a DIY kit. One popular way to do this to use a Cricut, a popular crafts machine.

Mass Production

There are tons of wedding catalogues and websites that offer wedding stationery. Unlike DIY kits, you have more sophisticated options. Also, the only work you have to do is pick out the stationery and approve the wording. This option is less time consuming but more expensive.  While there are more options than DIY kits, the possibilities are limited to cookie-cutter designs. The most personalization available is colors, fonts, and wording.

Custom Made Stationery

If you really want stationery that wows your guests, consider custom made stationery. This option gives you the most creative freedom and quality. The stationery is typically handcrafted by a designer, and designed to match your wedding style and vision. To find a stationer, check out craft sites such Also, talk to other couples and local vendors to find out who they recommend. Be sure to check out Invitations By Design.

When choosing stationery, remember your wedding budget, style, and timeline. If you are on a tight budget or if stationery is not a main priority, DIY may be best for you. If you want stationery that is high quality and unique, custom made may be right for you. Mass production is typically the best in between option.  As always, you decide.































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