Wedding Table Identification

In lieu of traditional table numbering, there is a variety of unique and clever ways you can identify tables at your wedding reception. Draw inspiration from your wedding theme, personal interests, or current season for these creative table names.

Theme: Play off your wedding theme for clever table classification. Name and decorate each table with thematic elements and inspiration. If you’re holding a beach side ceremony, create tables dedicated to corresponding items like seashells, sailboats, and lighthouses.

Flowers: Incorporate an assortment of natural beauty into your wedding reception by identifying tables with specific flowers. Create tables named after flowers or trees. Go a step further by limiting the centerpieces to that table’s namesake (i.e. a Rose table covered in rose petals or Tulips table topped with a vase of the buds).

Seasonal: Include seasonal items into your wedding by identifying tables with names or décor dedicated to the time of year. For winter or Christmas weddings, consider identification that includes seasonal elements like snowflakes, fir trees, mistletoe, and poinsettias.

Destinations: If you and your soon-to-be spouse are avid travelers, share your worldwide experiences with your wedding guests by naming each table after cities you’ve visited. As an added bonus, you can display photos from your journeys at each table to give guests a peek into your relationship and a discussion starter. Honeymoons

Neighborhood & Landmarks: Honor your hometown by naming tables after unique areas, landmarks, or neighborhoods of the city. This works particularly well if you’re from a larger city (i.e. Boston, New York, Chicago), but can be customized to incorporate smaller towns as well. Think of unique things that everyone knows about your city (i.e. famous statues, attractions, or districts) and label the tables accordingly. This is a great way to pay homage to your city and educate out-of-town guests on the unique aspects of where you live.

Literature: Pull inspiration from your favorite written works with tables dedicated to famous authors, poets, or playwrights, book titles, or well-known characters.

Interests: Find a common interest between you and your fiancé to use as table markers. Whether it’s music, cooking, sports, dance, or films, choose something that’s dear to your hearts and identify the tables accordingly. Name the tables after your favorite movies, styles of dance, or classical composers.

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