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Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

A wedding unity ceremony is a ceremony that symbolizes the two newlyweds becoming one. While so much effort goes into the colors and attire on your wedding day, it’s more important to put some extra thought into your wedding ceremony. If you’re having a religious ceremony, many of the details are pre-planned, however, there are many unity ceremony ideas you can add to customize your wedding ceremony. There are many ceremony options to symbolize your unity. We’ll inspire you to create your own wedding union ceremony with some great ideas.

Beer Ceremony

Yup, you read that right: a beer ceremony! If you’re not the formal wedding type, this is a fun option for you! You each choose a beer that is your favorite. Each beer is in its own glass. Then, when you do the ceremony, you combine both beers into one beer tumbler. The added benefit, you create a whole new kind of beer that will either be delicious or create a fun story about how gross it was. 

Colored Sand Ceremony

In this ceremony, you each select a color of sand. You could potentially choose your wedding colors. During the ceremony, you would combine the two colors of sand together into a larger container. You could mix them all together, or layer them on top of each other in a pattern. The sand ceremony is a fun idea because it becomes a visual keepsake for you to keep after your wedding day, potentially forever. The one drawback is san art can get mixed up, so if you want a stable look this might not be it. 

Unity Candle Ceremony

Many religions have their own version of this option. A unity candle ceremony has two smaller candles that together light the bigger unity candle. This obviously symbolizes two becoming one. If you are having a religious ceremony or love classical wedding elements, this is the perfect unity ceremony option for you. 

Blown Glass Ceremony

The blown glass ceremony is a fun keepsake idea for a unity ceremony! Similar to the sand ceremony, both newlyweds combine each of their colored glass pieces into one bigger container. However, with this option, there is an extra step. The combined glass is then brought to a glass maker who blows the colors together into a new shape! You’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork to remind you of your wedding day to display in your home. 

Handfasting Ceremony

Typical to Irish/Celtic cultures a Handfasting unity ceremony is when the officiant ties (or fasts) the hands of the newlyweds together during the wedding ceremony. This symbolizes the unity of marriage and an unbreakable bond. You can have the rope braided, tied for wall decor in your home, or just keep it as a memento. 

You will be so glad you put extra thought into your wedding ceremony! Choose a unity ceremony that best represents your relationship. Your guests will love the personalized touches you put into your wedding day. Similarly, you’ll be able to appreciate the mementos or wedding memories for a lifetime. For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, check out more Chicago Wedding Blog posts below. Happy Planning!

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