What matters most? DJ Service or DJ Equipment?

While working at a Bridal Expo recently, I was surprised to have a bride ask me a series of questions about the equipment we used.  “What type of speakers do you use?” She inquired.  “We use top of the line, JBL powered speakers,” I said.  “What type of software do you use?” She continued.  “We use PCDJ v5.3, it is extremely stable and we have been fully digital since 1999,” I answered.  At this point, I began to think she was either very familiar with audio equipment, or she had been influenced in some way.  The latter came to be true.

What had happened was one of the other DJ companies she had encountered that day had told her that equipment was the most important factor when selecting a DJ.  Ok, let’s assume that is true.  Consider this.  You go golfing with Tiger Woods.  At the beginning of the day, you are both issued the same exact brand of golf clubs and the same exact brand and style of golf balls.  You play 18 holes.  I’m sure you can predict what the outcome will be.  The fact of the matter is that the equipment had no influence on the outcome even though both golfers were using the same equipment.

In the DJ world, any professional DJ working in the Chicagoland must own good equipment or they would not be working.  The difference between DJs is not the equipment, it’s the service the DJ company provides.  Any DJ company trying to sell you on equipment is doing so because they do not have another leg to stand on.  A reputable DJ company should sell you service, not equipment.

A professional DJ company should allow you to meet your actual DJ at your initial consultation and should give you the flexibility to plan your reception and call the shots.  A professional will not spend hours trying to sell you lighting and extras. A professional DJ should be concerned with giving you the experience you imagined by allowing you to be the center of attention instead of the other way around.  Finally, a professional DJ should act as your unofficial event coordinator and allow you to rest easy and know that you are in good hands.


DJ equipment is only a tool used in providing outstanding customer service. High quality equipment is mandatory for any high-end DJ company. If a company is selling equipment and the “cool factor”, they are lacking in customer service.

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    • haleigh
      haleigh says:

      We applaud your hard work preparing for your sister’s wedding! We find it is often well worth it to hire a reputable DJ both so you can
      enjoy your sister’s wedding, and also because they are experts at not just playing music, but also curate the flow of the wedding day. For that reason, we highly recommend Music By Design. They do an excellent job. For your experience, maybe consider starting with a bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner music playlist for the couple. Good Luck! – CWB


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