whirlwind weddings

Whirlwind Weddings Infographic by SimplyBridal

Most engaged couples are advised to take 12 months to plan their big day, but there are some who opt for a whirlwind wedding and race down the aisle in a matter or weeks or months! This could be due to number different reasons, such as military obligations, pregnancy, job opportunities or simply just red hot passion, where time is of the essence and plans must be made very quickly.

Due to time constraints, a few shortcuts usually have to be taken when pulling off a whirlwind wedding without completely losing your mind. For instance, rather then sending out handwritten invitations consider using e-mail so your invited guests are able to RSVP with ease and you don’t end up running around trying to figure out who’s going to turn up. Also, when selecting your wedding attire, it may be best to bypass a traditional wedding gown, which usually requires fittings and alterations well before your big day.  Browse your local boutiques or department stores to find something off the rack that will have you looking sophisticated on your special day.

To get a better idea of the costs and planning involved in a whirlwind wedding, check out SimplyBridal‘s infographic, The Anatomy Of A Whirwhind Wedding.


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