Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Your wedding day marks a milestone in your lifetime. Why not surround your nearest and dearest friends and family to help celebrate and support you through this new journey in life? With so many options for wedding planning (e.g. invites), it’s equally as impressive to have a “cool” way to ask your maids to stand up in your wedding. The following are Six Unique Ways to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid / maid of honor:

1) Create a photo Collage:  Reminiscing over old photos of the two of you is a fun way to break the ice and then ask her to be your maid.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Pass the Pineapple Blog

2) Create a fun craft project:  Here is a fun DIY way to invite the girls.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Lox Papers

3) Buy them a Keepsake:  An ornate, beautiful personalized handkerchief can be functional for the day of the wedding. But she may need it to wipe away tears of joy when you ask her!

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Benign Objects

4) Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes : A functional and fun way to get the party started.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?
via Etsy

5) Personalized Bridesmaid hanger to hang their gorgeous dress on:

Will You be my Bridesmaid?
6) Treat her to a Spa Day: Nothing bonds you better over some good ole fashioned girl / pamper time.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

There is no right or wrong way to ask your future maids to stand by your side. If budget is standing in your way of creating some of the above options, you can always just ask face-to-face with no frills attached.

Warning: If you have a very large group of girlfriends narrowing down the lot may end up hurting people’s feelings. However, you should feel confident in your choices and explain to your friends that this does not reflect on your relationship. Believe me, it will happen.

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